Historical Information and Images.

Honor Guard Member. circa 1870.

Honor Guard Member. circa 1880.

AOH Honor Guards took two main forms in the late 19th century.  The Ribbonmen, and the more typical military style honor guard.  There was no uniform dress code for the Honor Guards.  For the Ribbonmen, there are photographs showing members in suits, sack coats and frock coats with hats ranging from boulers to top hats.  For the military style, former military frock coats with helmets, dress hats and field hats were worn. 


Just as there was no uniformity for the clothing, there was no uniformity for their equipage.  Some wore military gauntlets, while others wore dress gloves, some with removable cuffs some without.  Other equipment ranged from blackthorn canes to dress swords.  There were at least seven styles of AOH dress swords over almost a century. 



Ribbonman and Honor Guard Member. Circa 1900.

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